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Our purpose is clear: Nazarene Bible College exists to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord by preparing adults to evangelize, disciple, and minister to the world. Since 1967 NBC, as a Holiness Christian College, has fulfilled its mission through Higher Christian Education by preparing men and women for ministry.

News and Events

Joy in Jesus 'Til the End

Dr. Sherwood shared in the NBC Chapel this week. He shared from the book of Hebrews, chapters 10-12 that were special…

Communicator Posted Fri Sep. 01

What Did She Know? And When Did She Know It?

I want us to think about a question… In February 2017, Donald Trump’s antagonists asked of him:…

Communicator Posted Fri Sep. 15

Bible Holiness

NBC President, Scott Sherwood shared his love for the book he read over his vacation, Dr. T. A. Noble’s Christian…

Communicator Posted Fri Sep. 22

Celebration of Program Completion

An NBC Graduation Celebration was held at Whitehall Church of the Nazarene in Whitehall, Ohio on Sunday, October 1,…

Communicator Posted Tue Oct. 03

Dr. Joe Warrington Is Honored

What happens when a professor teaches in a particular field for three decades straight? Our own Dr. Joseph Warrington,…

Communicator Posted Tue Oct. 03

Youth and Associate Pastor Position Announced

Ministry position: Youth and Associate Pastor Church/Ministry: BridgeWay Community Church of the Nazarene …

Communicator Posted Thu Sep. 14

Rich Young Ruler - Luke 18:18-23

What must I do to have eternal life? A legitimate question to ask. Jesus’s reply was along the lines of the…

Communicator Posted Thu Sep. 14